Activities / products

Production and supplies of technological equipments for power, chemical and petrochemical industry, ecology, metallurgy, food and pharmaceutical industry etc.

The close cooperation of cluster members allows to deliver also the most complicated systems and investments tailor-made.

Design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, service:

  • steel structures, parts of pipeline for liquid and gas transport
  • tailo-made photovoltaic power plants (houses, factories, industrial buildings)
  • robotized workplaces and lines
  • technology for steel coils cutting, dividing lines
  • rolling mills equipment
  • switchboards, switchboxes, counters and panels
  • electrical equipment of manufacture and assembly lines for engineering production and automotive industry
  • elektrical equipment for industry (low-voltage switchgears, compensation panels, steam turbines, heating plants, incinerators, sewerage plants etc.)
  • automation of technological processes, industrial automation
  • production of cranes, steel structures and pipeling for power engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry
  • machine frames and medium-heavy steel structures for construction, engineering, power engineering and ecology
  • molded hidh-pressure bottoms, compensators, spherical caps, spherical bottoms, sleeves, yokes
  • pressed metal arches
  • pressure and non-pressure vessels of carbon and stainless steels (heat exchangers, tanks, separators etc.)
  • tube heat exchangers and evaporators
  • boilers and parts
  • tube bundles
  • columns and reactors
  • collectors
  • technological pipeline
  • pressure and pipeline systems
  • absorbers
  • shell of containers for spent nuclear fuel
  • industrial control and diagnostic systems
  • vibration sensors and special sensors
  • industrial automation elements
  • means of technical diagnostics and machines operation monitoring
  • project activity
  • Etc.

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