Our main activities include

  • designing and detailing
  • material and semi-finished products deliveries (castings, forgings)
  • fabrication of carbon and stainless steel pressure and non-pressure vessels (heat-exchangers, tanks, columns, separators, etc.)
  • fabrication of cranes, steel structures and piping for power engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry
  • surface treatment
  • heat treatment
  • non-destructive examination (NDE)
  • investment construction including possible funding


WER 1000

Radioactive waste, the final processing of radioactive waste, the primary circuit auxiliary systems, cleaning of radioactive media, emergency systems, preparation of chemical solutions, cleaning of contaminated water, the economy of industrial gases, stainless steel and black oblicovky, bushings and steel structures for construction part.

WER 440

Auxiliary systems of the primary circuit, radioactive media processing systems, emergency systems, processing of radioactive waste.

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